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Escape the present and get away to the past by way of antique mall

Find peace in the present when you escape to visit an antique mall.

Apple Dumplin Antiques in Anderson South Carolina
Apple Dumplin Antiques (Credit: Apple Dumplin Antiques Facebook Page)

Like most people, I enjoy taking a little time for myself after a long day or after a rather large lunch. I like to escape to a local antique store, not necessarily to purchase anything, but just to do a little walking around and daydreaming. I must admit though, that there is a sort of restorative joy that fills my soul when I visit one of these special places.

Upon walking in, I am instantly reminded of a time when life was simpler. I can escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy workday, easily be transported to a place where time seemingly becomes insignificant.

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I find myself gazing deeply at treasures that were once loved by someone else. I can pick up something appreciated sometimes as early as the 18th or 19th century and relish at how marvelous it is. One has to wonder how many homes an item has had and where it has been. Somehow the piece of history is now on display for me to admire.

The past is always disappearing and is quickly replaced by something else at an antique store. Time is richer and less intrusive than whatever the day outside has waiting for my return. Most of the time I have to contemplate how much a particular relic from the past belongs with me and force myself to practice some self-restraint.

There is just something to be said for inserting myself into an antique's on-going history. You can find nearly anything one might need or want at an antique mall or store, from vintage clothing or furniture to collectible trinkets and the oh, so coveted, Pyrex bowls. Yes, I have a deep love for a beautiful Pyrex bowl that is older than myself and still in near mint condition. Doesn't every southern woman?

In Anderson, South Carolina is one of my favorite places to escape reality, Apple Dumplin' Antiques. It is a truly one-of-a-kind antique mall that is over 14,000 square ft. and chock full of antiques and collectibles. Everyone from the regular junker to the expert antique curator is sure to find something to claim as their newest beloved treasure!

Inside, you will find two of the sweetest ladies this side of the Mississippi! They invite you to visit their Facebook page by clicking here and see some of their videos highlighting the latest antiques available for sale.

Antiques and Collectibles at Apple Dumplin Antiques in Anderson South Carolina
Antiques & Collectibles at Apple Dumplin Antiques (Credit: Apple Dumplin Antiques Facebook Page)

I would like to encourage you, my dearest of readers, the next time you find yourself discombobulated by the chaotic life around you, escape to your nearest antique store or mall. I am confident that you too, will find yourself free of the anxieties and pressures of life in the present the moment you step foot into one of these fantastic places that allow you an opportunity to step back in time.


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